Dance program in Life Arts Education


Every student, irrespective of any gender, undergoes basic training in Dance as Dance enhances ones physical, mental and emotional development. The curriculum has been carefully designed by eminent artists to make sure that the children learn the lessons in a progressive mode. The lessons include both traditional classical dance as well as folk dances.

Dance improves cardio vascular system, improves circulation and tones the body.

  1. It strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and stamina.
  2. It improves balance, posture, agility, speed and concentration
  3. It improves co ordination between different parts of body.
  4. It strengthens weight bearing bones and help in preventing or slow loss of bone mass (osteoporosis).
  5. It improves self confidence and self esteem.
  6. It develops strong social ties, sensitivity and understanding others and understanding one own self.
  7. It improves ones mental acuity, reduces stress and contributes to a positive outlook.
  8. It develops the understanding of the geographical, historical and cultural importance of their country.