Continuous Evaluation and Certification Program (CECP)

Schools can opt to have their resources trained by us in Music, Dance, Yoga and Personality Development.  We have special blended e-learning courses in these training programs, where we not only train the teachers in a specific location, but also engage with them on a E- learning platform to make sure learning outcomes are met.

The common thread in all our streams is not only the development of the personality of the student, but also helping the students to hone their skills. Our in house experts such as Art Academicians, Psychologists and Wellness practitioners have designed excellent progressive curriculum. The content of the curriculum and the way it is delivered on ground will reflect this very ethos of being inclusive, making every child participate and give their best.

The culmination of many years of interaction with young children across the world and assimilating teaching methodologies from different countries has lead to us creating a unique pedagogy for Life Art Education program.

Life Art Teacher Training Program trains the teachers in five broad aspects :

  1. Ethos of Education
  2. Educational Psychology
  3. Self Presentation
  4. Managing Classrooms
  5. Subject specific training